I am a Electronics Engineer from IIT Kanpur, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation. I am currently pursuing my MBA at ISB.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a blogger myself (www.worldofindia.blogspot.com) and got your email id from your blog.

    I also happen to be in the ideation stage of an e-comm venture which is aims to be a information portal for Indian shoppers and in this connection had some questions. If you can point to some resources on the net (if there are any) where I can get this info, I would be thankful. I have already searched quite a bit, but have not been able to locate this info, yet.

    .Do you know of any online resources which guide an entrepreneur on the nitty gritties of starting a web business, WITH INDIAN realities in mind.( i am aware of rajesh jain’s blog and several others already) . What I am primarily intersted is the process and project milestones in starting a online web venture in India.

    . My initial investment for site design and dev is Rs.1 lakh and marketing about Rs. 2 lakhs. Is this kind of budget ridiculously low for me to stand a chance or if I can build in viewers to numbers indicated below, on the strength of the concept, can I survive?

    . Do you know of web design/dev companies who do good work within my budget above, preferably out of Mumbai/Pune.If yes, can you pass me their contacts? I am looking for some one who can design a professional web business site.

    . Do you know the existing online ad rates charged by established portals in India (rediff,yahoo etc)?India today online has quoted a figure of Rs.150 per thousand impressions, although i did not find a date on that article.

    . If I have a niche site, which attracts 10k-50k page views per day and (say) 5k-25k unique visitors a day, what are my chances of getting online ads from advertisers already spending on ads online. I am talking of product and service companies in the consumer space (airlines,credit card, retail, food…the works). I can understand that this depends on the quality of content, site reputation etc., but what I want to know is whether advertisers in India are open to spending on small sites or they believe only in advertising on big portals and online cos and hence very difficult to make ad revenue for a small site ?

    As you must have understood, I am a novice in this field. Would REALLY appreciate your help, if you can spare some time.


  2. Hi Rahul,

    I saw your profile in linkedin and i am an IT recruiter so i have certain opening’s for you if interested then plz do reply me .

    Awaiting for your prompt reply.


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