I am a Electronics Engineer from IIT Kanpur, passionate about Signal Processing, Wireless and Entrepreneurship. I spent last few years working on the Physical layers for Wireless LAN 802.11a/ b/ g, Satellite Receivers DVB-S, DSS, WiMax starting with a fresher out of college to a System Architect for complex Receiver designs. 

After having learned the nuts and bolts of the Physical layer design and Signal Processing I am now trying to start my own venture with a group of like minded people.

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  1. Hi,

    Great to see your blog, I am very passionate about signal processing & entreprenuership as well. I have a CS background but love SP & also did quite some work related to communication. Back in college wanted to work in the wireless comm space and the company that I like the most was

    I have but moved to applications ( software) and worked for some time in this space.

    Had I just come out of college I would have considered joining you 🙂 but I have blogrolled you and I will follow your developments..
    I have experience in different space now but what I work on still involves signal processing (2D).


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