Building Collaborative StartUps

What does it cost to start a DSP or a VLSI startup ? The numbers one would project for a typical startup in Silicon Valley can range from $5 million to $20 million. This number on the other hand for a startup in India can be almost 1/3 of the cost. Does this sound attractive ? To me, yes, and this is the basis of my belief that the Collaborative startups with an offshore model like India will drive the next wave of startups in DSP and VLSI segment. 

Being a self proclaimed Digital Signal Processing and Wireless expert I am trying to carve a niche startup with this model. The DSP segment can range from Automotive, Medical, Multimedia, Industrial to Communications.  

So if anyone of you think the same, we should talk ! 

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  1. Just wondering
    What kind of satelite receiver architechture you have in mind…
    I know for data transmission they are using C band and ku band receivers..
    lets talk further if you are interested…

  2. Hi I am an IITK grad too(2003 Batch).. I don’t have any expertise in wireless /DSP, But do have some good understanding…., I want to make a difference..
    I have Hands on Experience in ASIC design from RTL to Gate.. Can handle RTL, synthesis, physical design, timing sign off my own…


  3. Hi Ved,

    So are you up to your own startup ?

    — Rahul

  4. hi.
    i m an undergraduate in daviet jalandhar. i have keen interest in this field but havn’t done much. i am interested in ur startup as a trainee for my internship.

  5. hi
    i m a student just finishin B.E Electronics & Telecom in india
    i want to be ready for the DSP wave in INDIA
    (i hope it comes soon,dont want to get into other software companies)
    so wat should i do to be ready
    (cant do an MS in US)
    PLZ help

  6. I am doing my master’s at Georgia Tech (DSP and Computer Architecture). Let me know what we can do.

  7. Hi Rahul,
    I had lost this link… So I am replying after a long time..
    I dont have any start up yet and niether some very great product idea. BUt I am interested in joining some start up or start, if get some really good people..
    my email is

  8. Hi rahul,

    yet i didn’t clear about your plan.your idea is related to any startup related to DSP in india.I complete my grad from MIT 2004 batch.i working in i’m interested know abt ideas.

  9. hi i am laxmi pursuing my masters from NSIT-DIT, DELHI in signal processing.i have experiene in the telecom field. i want to know more abt ur idea.

  10. hi
    this is mahesh here working as an DSP-Applications Engineer in a bangalore based firm.liked your idea about the dsp startup can we
    chat more on this topic…what do u say about software defined radio
    the new revolution in the communications market…

  11. This sounds like a good idea. I am located in the East coast of USA and working as Senior Unix admin with academic background of Electrical engineer with undergrad courses in DSP. If you guys are seriously interested and want to assemble a team, let me know.

  12. indeed a great idea…
    I have experience in verification, from big co’s to startups. let me know if u r planning to bring it up.

  13. I have worked in wireless industry for over 10 years .. very much interested in starting a venture in wireless comm. have some ideas .. contact me if you are interested

  14. Hi Guys,

    I saw these comments and i felt that there are many people who are interested in doing work in startups and want to impact the VLSI industry in some special way. So what i say that we all need to talk more about this and we can have a clear plan to acheive this goal. What you people say..?

  15. Hey Rahul, i’m undergrad 4th year ECE student from NSIT, delhi
    I have hands on ASIC & VLSI design (summer intern at Texas Instruments, India & design engineer at Freescale)

    – which all customers are you focussing?
    – stiff competition in DSP market with competitors like TI
    – Lack of VCs involvement and support now a days in SoC

    I thought of the same but a unlike other fabless VLSI i was planning for a collaborative fab VLSI startup aiming the largest customers : automobile & household industry.

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